Research has shown that petting and playing with animals reduces stress, in as little as a few minutes. Globally, the last two years have surely been the most stressful time in modern history. As we faced one isolating lockdown after another, where did many of us turn for comfort? To animals. Pet adoptions soared globally and in South Africa. Pets give us comfort. Pets give us hope. Pets give us unconditional love. Do we give enough in return?

Verified Market Research recently published a report, “Digital Remittance Market”, which revealed that the global remittance/money transfer market was valued at USD 15,9 Million in 2020 and could reach USD 40 Million by 2028. In southern Africa, where migrant work is common and many families have members abroad, the market is especially thriving.

Traditional insurance serves consumers’ long-term needs on a holistic level, especially through life insurance and medical cover, where policies run for decades. But such policies are unaffordable to millions – and do not fill the many insurance gaps in consumers’ lives. That’s why there’s a global boom in microinsurance – and it’s not just for insurance companies.