We are an Insurance SaaS

We started in 2015 with the “Problem to Solve” of buying insurance as an embedded experience. Traditionally customers will buy an item in-store or online, and then try to find the appropriate insurance product, and make a decision of which is the right one to get. We took that cumbersome and inefficient process and offer the solution that improves the process for both customers and businesses selling insurance – with minimum friction, completing the buying process in minutes, and not hours or days.

We also enable you to engage with your customer across multiple touchpoints, which advances accessibility, making the process simpler through the automation aspect. This is a huge opportunity for insurers to communicate better with customers, and deliver a clear and simple product, as well as automate many internal outdated manual administration processing.

, About us final, Click2Sure
, About us final, Click2Sure

We are a remote and global team

Our Team is led by Daniel Guasco, founder and guiding force behind Click2Sure. He is a successful serial e-commerce entrepreneur and has been instrumental in growing the e-commerce industry in South Africa. Daniel has won numerous awards, including the U-Start Africa Top e-Commerce Website Award (2011 and 2012), and in 2015 was recognised as having made the biggest impact on e-commerce in Africa.

We are backed by some of the top global fintech investors.

Our Mission

With end-to-end SaaS solution we enable digitisation and automation of all insurance processes so that insurance businesses can respond faster to new market needs and accelerate their growth.

Our Values

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Understanding our partners' problems is paramount to the success and value we bring to them.

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We accelerate our partners' businesses by continually listening, learning, and then advance our product and service.

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We take the headache of keeping up with the newest technologies away from our partners. Our team perpetually finds new ways of making your insurance business smarter.

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We are goal driven. We take considered action that is right for the time. We inspire our team to perform at their highest level.

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Whether insurance is or isn't your core business, you can depend on our product's compliance enablement.

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Our team works with a mindset of delivering right first time, whether that is the product itself or our service along our partners' team.

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We understand that all businesses are different. We therefor adapt our approach to suit your business' needs.

Leadership Team

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Founder & CEO
  • Successful serial entrepreneur (Founder Groupon SA.)
  • E-commerce expert (Awarded “U-Start Top E-Commerce Website Award, 2011, 2012, 2015.)
  • MBA London Business School, Executive Management Singularity.
, About us final, Click2Sure
  • Effectiveness expert.
  • Use technology to solve business problems.
  • Experience in building and scaling teams and products in the startup environment.
, About us final, Click2Sure
  • Successful serial entrepreneur.
  • Core skills in leadership, business model innovation, strategy, and marketing in e-commerce and edtech.
  • Executive MBA Graduate School of Business UCT.
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Head of Compliance
  • Admitted attorney, notary public, and conveyancer of the High Court of SA.
  • BA Law and LLB Stellenbosch University.
  • Articles at established law firm in commercial law and civil litigation.
, About us final, Click2Sure
Head of Finance
  • Experience in startups.
  • Creates structure, and insights to data across the full business spectrum.
, About us final, Click2Sure
Head of Talent
  • International recruitment expert.
  • Core focus areas are culture, and team development aligned with the business strategy.
, About us final, Click2Sure
Head of Product
  • Skilled in agile development, MVP strategy and B2B solution design.
  • Industry experience: e-commerce, unified communications, legal/insurtech.
, About us final, Click2Sure
Head of Business Development
  • 10+ years of experience in leading operations and growing revenue.
  • Bringing expertise in client acquisition and contract negotiation.

Advisory Team

, About us final, Click2Sure
  • Fintech specialist with 20 years experience.
  • Built and scaled online business of which 2 sold to public companies and a 3rd resulted in a Nasdaq IPO.
  • Venture Capitalist with Chase and Amadeus Capital Partners.
  • Management consultant with Mckinsey & Co.
, About us final, Click2Sure
  • Director at Apis Partners.
  • Set up Strategic Investment Fund at Old Mutual.
  • Associate Director at Standard Chartered.
  • Started as Business Analyst with McKinsey & Co. in London.
  • MBA from INSEAD, Shell Scholar at Cambridge University, MPhil in Bioscience.
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Legal Representative / Co-Founder
  • Director at Husemeyer Advisors

  • 18 years’ experience in providing advice to clients, specialising in corporate law, legal compliance and M&A transactions. She focuses on the start-up space, establishing best practice from establishment to successful exit

Our Vision

To enable insurance businesses to democratise insurance and make it easily available, simple, transparent and cost-effective for everyone.