Problem: distribution through sales agents too expensive, and planning the visits to stores labour intensive

Solve: digital distribution journeys on multiple channels

What was the problem to solve and the business outcome needed?

The partner’s products were not readily available to the customer, since it was only distributed through agents on the ground, who visited divisions on rotation throughout the year. Therefore opportunities were left on the table.

The partner was using an on-premise solution that did not provide them with the necessary flexibility and agility when it came to fulfilling all the binder functions throughout the policy lifecycle. Required changes, and upgrades were never made to the system, which hindered productivity of the partner’s functional teams. 

Our partner took two days to complete month-end financial processes.

Why was the C2S solution needed?

Our partner reviewed their marketing strategy at the end of 2018 and made a decision to move to a digital platform for all their insurance products. 

The intention would be to reach all employees eligible for the scheme and drive them to a website to enrol in one of the products offered by our partner.

How did C2S do it?

Our partner chose Click2Sure based on the following capabilities they  needed in order to roll out their digital strategy: 

  • Have an existing API to connect directly into 
  • Policy enrolment process 
  • End-to-end administration platform 
  • Policyholder self-service portal 
  • Back-end reporting 
  • Full claims processing 
  • Automated collection and reconciliation
  • Facilitation of cross selling and policy upgrades 

We onboarded their active book, and enable the entire end-to-end digital solution.