At a glance

  • Most manufacturers offer limited warranties that are a chore to apply for
  • We digitally embed extended warranties or special cover into manufacturers’ products
  • Manufacturers can add a further layer of value by offering other types of embedded insurance
  • Our SaaS solution – already tested in the national retail space – can go live within 30 days

Consumers assess warranty options before they put down money for a new laptop, appliance or other high-ticket item. Manufacturers offering no or limited warranties on their products could soon be left on the shelf, as competitors introduce extended warranties that consumers can take up in a few easy clicks. The old way of offering warranties via call centres or paper-driven – administration-intensive – is out. Offering short-term warranties that could leave consumers in the lurch further down the road is out of favour.

There’s a fast-growing trend for manufacturers or retailers to improve the customer experience by offering extended warranties or special cover options with every product they sell – and to make application self-service, via multiple digital channels and smartphones. This is the space Click2Sure operates in. Our software presents a business growth opportunity enabling retailers or manufacturers to:

  • Offer a value added service to consumers at the point of sale, growing customer loyalty
  • Gather valuable consumer insights at the back end
  • Generate new revenue from policy take-up, up-selling and cross-selling

Bring our solution on board and, when consumers come across your products online or in-store, they’ll spot your extended warranty or additional cover offering (against theft, breakages etc.). That could make the difference between a sale and a “see you”. Long-term, it could also make them stay with your brand next time they upgrade.

The secret to your success: we make it easy

Even if you offer a decent extended warranty already, making it digitally embedded through our technology can raise take-up of your offering to well above the norm, at 43%.

The main reasons consumers often don’t take out extended warranty offerings are because the offer is not immediately obvious to them – meaning they forget about it – or it looks like an effort to apply.

We place the offer right in front of consumers, the moment they see a product, and make application easy via QR codes or SMS/WhatsApp. Because their purchase feels most special to them on the day they buy it, and because taking up cover feels easy and natural using their phone, they do; like this:

, “Don’t worry, be happy” – your message to consumers with embedded extended warranties, Click2Sure

Start with digital warranties – then go further for consumers

It’s not just product warranties we embed. We help brands to embed almost any type of insurance into almost any product, from accident cover sold with crash helmets and pet insurance sold with pet toys to travel insurance sold with backpacks. The message consumers get from this approach is that they’re dealing with a caring, empathetic brand – and research shows that today’s consumers favour such brands.

We can partner you with one of our 30+ traditional insurance partners, then add their insurance policies to your product range. These policies would be offered to consumers under your brand name rather than the insurance partner’s; they would just share in the revenue from policies.

Next steps?

  • We would help you to define your offering – whether it’s a new warranty offer, the transformation of an existing offer into digital form, or another type of embedded insurance, in partnership with an insurer.
  • We would do the work of layering our software into your existing business systems without disrupting your systems’ security or your business continuity.
  • There is no capex outlay for implementation – our solution is cloud-hosted – only a set-up fee and monthly subscription fee.

If you’re a manufacturer or retailer interested in this embedded insurance opportunity call +27 (10) 045 4019 or drop us a message at We’ll have you live in a month!

If you’re an insurer, schedule a demo with us and you could soon have a “broker” in every retailer store in SA.