Our cloud-based, modular, scalable, insurance SaaS enables businesses offering insurance, omnichannel distribution, reduction in administration costs, and better decisions with real-time reporting and insights.
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Why Click2Sure

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Increased Profitability
and Revenue

Increase your revenue with faster onboarding and reaching more customers through new channels.

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Systems and Processes Optimisation

Simplify your systems and processes, increase your business operational efficiency, and reduce your costs.

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Real-time Business

Realtime visibility ensures your compliance. Big data access gives insight into your customers.

Digital insurance is the future of insurance

Digital technology has disrupted almost every sector of the economy. For example, fintech has transformed banking and financial services.

The logical next step is insurtech. Insurance technology that digitises the traditional insurance value chain. A key enabler is embedded insurance; an insurance product that through our SaaS insurance platform can be built into the purchase of any product or service.

How is insurtech changing insurance?

Insurance can be distributed in a wider range of ways, from e-commerce sites to mobile apps and QR codes. Digitisation does away with some or all of the traditional insurance value chain, bringing insurance providers closer to their customers.

In going digital, insurers can leverage big data to better understand customer behaviour, claims trends and future claims trajectories to drive accurate, fast business decisions.

Most fundamentally, embedded insurance allows any company, offering any product or service, to build insurance into their customers’ buying experience. In the future, this will be the universal norm expected by customers. In short, insurtech closes the insurance gap and opens up the revenue opportunity.

Why make Click2Sure your digital insurance partner?

Click2Sure is an insurance software solution vendor. Our team has a track record of innovation and success in Africa’s fintech landscape. Our proven cloud-based insurance SaaS (software as a service) enables insurers to digitise some or all of their value chain. Being entirely modular and scalable, it enables any company selling products or services to include embedded insurance for customers at the point of sale.

  • Increase revenue
  • Simplify systems and processes
  • Ensure compliance
  • Entrench customer loyalty
  • Gain deeper customer insights
  • Use real-time business data

Our Purpose

We believe in enabling companies with innovative technologies, to better serve the changing needs of the modern customer.

Our SaaS enables you to digitally distribute insurance products, improve efficiency and reduce administration costs, and with real-time reporting make better business decisions.

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We offer businesses who sell insurance a cutting-edge and cost effective end-to-end solution to help digitise and automate all insurance processes.

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