Problem: do away with paper and call centres

Solve: improved customer journeys and experience through multiple channels, and improved acquisition times

What was the business outcome needed?

  • The Click2Sure platform enables the product setup and sales process to be tailored to suit the partner’s needs.
  • It is cost effective throughout the various stages of building up the insurance portfolio, as pricing is based on a tiered approach.
  • Improved sales and customer experience, with end to end online application process, and customer service dashboard.
  • Enables reduced onboarding time for new products and implementation of changes required by a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.
  • Improved reporting, policy administration and collection stability.

Why was the C2S solution needed?

To help with partner sales:

  • Our partner revised its look and feel to improve the overall customer experience that will appeal to a larger target market.
  • The new partner website and Click2Sure platform have been optimised for use on various devices including mobile phones, tablets and computers for the purchase of insurance products.

To improve customer experience:

  • Our partner redesigned its website to improve customer interaction while making the decision to purchase insurance products, facilitated through the C2S sales and administration processes.
  • The new partner website and sales process has been designed to create a seamless and streamlined customer experience, where clients maintain control over their insurance policies, enabled by the Click2Sure platform.
  • Customers have access to view documentation, edit policies and lodge claims online, reducing the need for lengthy telephonic sales and customer service calls

How did C2S do it?

Within 6 weeks the partner was live with our end-to-end SaaS solution. We configured the product on the core system, integrated with the partner’s payment solution, including eKYC requirements.