, Big Data, Click2Sure BIG DATA Success in the insurance game has always rested on insurance data analysis - gathering information, assessing it and making deductions based on that assessment to inform business decisions. A lot of those decisions, in the old days, were based largely on human guesswork - there was just too much information to sift through and make sense of. How digitisation enhances
insurance data analysis

The insurance analytics software we implement enables insurers to quickly gather large amount of information from a number of integrated sources. Furthermore, through automation and artificial intelligence, most of the actual data analysis can be done by software, allowing human analysts or decision-makers to shift their focus almost wholly to the deduction and decision-making phase. The software renders the data they receive in a highly visual and intuitive manner – data visualisation – making it easy to understand and act upon.


Better compliance through insurance compliance software

Insurance compliance - adherence to both internal policies and procedures as well as external industry or state laws - is important in order for insurers to avoid fines or lawsuits.
Compliance can only be verified through accurate reporting. Before the digitisation of insurance through insurtech, that accuracy was always at risk due to human error, information varying between different sources, or miscommunication along the insurance value chain.

, Big Data, Click2Sure

For the digital-first insurer, accurate reporting and resulting compliance become easier, because all source data is kept consistent across the value chain, from policy holders to administration, underwriting and claims, and on to the re-insurers and industry watchdogs behind the scenes.

Insurance compliance software enables all parties to access the same data. From data gathering to storage, analysis, reporting and compliance, we can give you that single source of truth.

Click2Sure’s reporting and big data solution

  • Bordereau reports (file download, FTP or API with Insurer)
  • Standard management reports (sales, age analysis, un/successful collections and more)
  • Live dashboards (claims, sales, churn, loss ratio, business mix, and more)
  • Data analytics (data warehousing, APIs to Tableau and more