Why the need for SaaS?

Enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving exponentially, which makes it difficult to keep up and make decisions of which is the right fit for the business, especially with data security being a paramount concern.

There is a deluge of new software on the market, which makes it hard to continually be in the know of which products will provide the best outcome for the business. This then also becomes a debate of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vs the traditional on-premises solution. 

An uncomplicated way to distinguish SaaS is that it delivers software applications and programs as a service over the internet. We are hoping to demystify SaaS solution by showing some great benefits Click2Sure SaaS can offer to the business:

Cost savings of SaaS

The financial benefits of SaaS far outweigh the on-prem option:

  • Very little upfront investment for leasing of the software as needed
  • To expand capacity, there are no restructuring costs
  • No operating expenses 
  • Potential costs incurred for service interruptions or incidents are reduced.

Maintenance becomes the responsibility of the Provider

You do not have to be concerned any longer with maintaining on-prem servers. The provider takes care of that. For the licence fee you have access to all the tools and applications the provider offers, through the Cloud. And the best part is you do not have to be concerned with the maintenance thereof with the implementation of SaaS.

Any updates, and features are automated to your solution, which means value is continuously added for the benefit of your users. No more cascading down to local enterprise computers as with on-prem. Less overhead, less maintenance for the team.

Implementation of SaaS is effortless

On-prem solutions are time consuming and expensive to get off the ground. A SaaS option is really ‘on-demand’, it is quickly deployed, and much cheaper implementation costs. Furthermore the SaaS providers have highly skilled customer support teams to help throughout the relationship.


A SaaS solution lets you scale your costs appropriately. On-prem systems cost a fortune before your business has even broken even. With SaaS you can adapt your resources appropriately to allow for minimum discord. On-prem solutions are known to be costly when it comes to restructuring. The Cloud option enables the business to scale in terms of functionality along with shorter lead times.

Data security

Businesses seem to think Cloud is less secure. A lot has changed in recent years. The data centres that host Cloud software are super secure since they constantly and consistently update and ensure the highest levels of security standards.

Business Continuity as standard

Like we have seen with Covid-19, teams had to move to remote working overnight. Your team will have instant access to the business software anywhere, anytime. Even in a time of crises. 

Also consider that valuable data has the potential to be lost, with on-prem solutions, for instance with fires or flooding.

No spatial restrictions

As experienced with the universal Covid Lockdown, access to on-prem systems can become problematic. SaaS solutions can run on any laptop, and desktop, as long as your users have login access and internet connectivity. This appeals to the new normal organisation structure, of a hybrid of remote and in-office teams.

Employees adopt SaaS with ease

Employees are used to working with SaaS solutions in their everyday lives. Therefore the transition to a SaaS work solution becomes less daunting for them, and saves you time with training and onboarding.

Data and Analytics become a powerful tool

Your SaaS solution captures data easily. Stores it easily, Most of all, your data is now transparent and in one place. A Single Source of Truth (SSoT).

This makes data analytics more accurate, and more cohesive, not disparate pieces of data pulled from various sources, which takes time and resources.

SaaS is Environmentally Friendly

Your Cloud software does not need your electricity supply nor large data centres powered up continuously. It is also thought that Cloud encourages teams’ behaviours towards sustainability, in terms of reducing their carbon footprint and being a lot more energy and resource efficient.

Salesforce reports their Cloud computing software 95% more carbon-efficient than their on-prem systems.

In Summary

The debate between a SaaS and on-prem solution is ongoing for many businesses. Kicked off when they start to think of introducing new software to the workspace. And more recently by the rapid organisational workforce transition to remote working.

Fundamentally a Saas is easy to implement, offers high levels of security, and accessible from anywhere in the world, saving you money, time and a good night’s sleep.