Businesses that sell insurance need to innovate at speed to maintain their competitive edge; launch and sell new products fast, to the right customer, in their preferred channel, in a seamless journey.
You need a trusted insurtech partner that can enable you to augment your ecosystem scalably and responsibly, adding value to the appropriate functional areas of your business.


  • Any product (P&C, Life, VAS)
  • Any channel (Web/Mobi, Broker interface, Ecommerce, QR Code, Whatsapp, Chatbot, SMS, and more)
  • Enable always-on distribution
  • Quote, bind and issue policy in real-time
  • Automated email with policy schedule and SMS with download link
  • Verification: ID, bank account, sanction screening, OTP, e-signature
  • Distribution network (any product linked to any network, to any channel)
  • Existing policies re-quote through customer self-service dashboard, any channel
  • Upselling and cross selling through customer self-service dashboard, any channel
  • Claim submission, changes to policy on self-service dashboard, any channel



Policy Administration

  • Dynamic product config engine (rules, rates, documents, forms, indemnity, and more)
  • Claims workflow templates for P&C, LIfe, and VAS (simple to complex - interacting with 3rd parties)
  • Global CI Configuration (colours, and logos)
  • Brokerage management
  • Multi-quote capabilities - same product line, different suppliers
  • Billing (payment systems, recurring premium collections, reconciliations and adjustments, refunds, lapsed, manual payments, GL posting, commissions management, customer reminder notifications)
  • Communication management (automated event triggered comms, ad-hoc bulk comms)
  • Security (RBAC)
  • Customer Support B2C (buying policies, change requests)
  • Single view of customer account and detail
  • Audit trail (claims, endorsement, premium adjustment changes, and all the rest)
  • Notifications per selected event triggers (email, SMS, on-screen pop-ups)

Reporting & Big Data

  • Bordereau reports (file download, FTP or API with Insurer)
  • Standard management reports (sales, age analysis, un/successful collections, and more)
  • Live dashboards (claims, sales, churn, loss ratio, business mix, and more)
  • Data analytics (data warehousing, APIs to Tableau and more)


How It works

Our Services



Anywhere Integration

Our platform exposes REST API’s that enable integration with functionality that it provides. Our core product is built using a microservices based architecture, allowing modular service selection and flexible integration. This also allows us to scale elasticity with load demand, reducing the cost of operating the platform.


New Releases

Our SaaS model means that you get all the new upgrades and new feature releases in real-time, as part of the as-a-service enablement.


Low-Code Configuration

We have taken away the pain of long drawn out IT development per product. Based on our experience our product engine allows you to configure rules, prices, and documentation amongst others, with simple input fields, no coding required.



Secure User Login

For secure user login, we have two-factor authentication, using SMS-based or app-based Time-based One-Time Pins (TOTP).


Secure Data

We deploy the platform on AWS following industry best practices standards. We leverage managed services from the provider to enable high uptime rates and easy handling of scale. We leverage AWS security solutions to ensure data is encrypted in flight and at rest and that all infrastructure is as secure as possible.


Role-Based Access Control

You can safely assign users to multiple roles. The segregation of duties ensures customer data can only be seen by the appropriate user.

Customer Success



We provide face-to-face training in all features of our SaaS solution, with one of our Support Specialists. And online “How to” guides are easy to access.



Our support team follows the ITIL method of prioritisation, where “Client Impact” and “Urgency” are the key factors that determine priority.


Professional Services

Our team has deep insurance knowledge, and a keen understanding of the wider business environment, helping us to look at a partner’s Insurance business holistically in terms of what products, distributed in what channels, reaching which consumers.


We offer businesses who sell insurance a cutting-edge and cost effective end-to-end solution to digitise and automate all insurance processes.