Our software revolutionises insurance policy administration

A major component in the insurance value chain is policy administration; the daily end-to-end management of all group and individual insurance products distributed by an insurance business. Because policy administrators deal with large quantities of constantly-changing information, it is vital to have an effective policy administration system. Today, insurance policy management and administration software can make that system 100% digital, scalable, agile and housed in the cloud (SaaS).

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Modular solution

The advantages of our insurance policy administration software (PAS)

Click2Sure can digitise your insurance policy administration function in a modular manner, either as part of your current ecosystem or as part of a full digital transformation of your insurance value chain. You can also use our system outside of your core day-to-day operations to explore innovative new ideas; build, measure and learn quickly, and pivot your business. Our cloud-hosted policy administration software standardises and aligns all administration documents and workflows, and streamlines billing.

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Business Intelligence

Build agility into your insurance policy management

Once implemented, our administration software enables true business agility – for example it can seamlessly interact digitally with third party systems, giving you the ability to manage multiple interactions from different suppliers, and equip you to take advantage of emerging market opportunities.

You also gain the security of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) across the system, as well as a reliable audit trail, with all policy administration data accessible as a single point of truth.

The software we implement for insurance policy management is complex and multi-layered, but that is all “under the hood”; policy administrators relying on our solution only experience the ease and efficiency of use.

Click2Sure’s policy administration software (PAS)solution

  • Dynamic product configuration engine (rules, rates, documents, forms, indemnity and more)
  • Claims workflow templates for P&C, Life, and VAS (ranging from simple to complex/interacting with third parties)
  • Global CI configuration (colours, and logos)
  • Multi-quote capabilities: same product line, different suppliers
  • Billing (payment systems, recurring premium collections, reconciliations and adjustments, refunds, lapsed, manual payments, GL posting, commissions management, customer reminder notifications)
  • Communication management (automated event-triggered comms, ad-hoc bulk comms)
  • Security (RBAC)
  • Customer Support B2C (buying policies, change requests)
  • Single view of customer account and details
  • Audit trail (claims, endorsement, premium adjustment changes and all the rest)
  • Notifications per selected event triggers (email, SMS, on-screen pop-ups)