Problem: create embedded device insurance product

Solve: On ecommerce check out

What was the problem to solve and the business outcome needed?

The born digital retailer sells everything from books, devices, whiteware, sports equipment to toys, and their customer had to go and find insurance product in a very separate and removed journey for their newly acquired items, from a different online or bricks and mortar store and through a very time consuming user journey.

Why was the C2S solution needed?

Adding an embedded insurance product was a way to increase revenue without a large capex outlay. The C2S solution is whitelabled, therefore the customer experience is uninterrupted and they trust the product because they buy it from the retailer.

How did C2S do it?

The user simply has to opt in during the online checkout process to include insurance on their device for example. The underwriting happened in real-time. On completion of purchasing the device, the customer received their policy schedule, and they were insured straight away.