Senior Frontend Developer


We are looking for talented Front End Developers to join our dynamic team. Work in an energetic fast paced start up breaking down barriers and digitizing old school sectors. We believe in empowering our teams to do what they do best by giving them the correct tools, respect and autonomy. This role will see you reporting into our CTO who will guide and mentor you along the way.

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Skills Needed

We are looking for a developer that has some solid experience in developing applications in modern front end frameworks.  Understands good application design and can help drive our platform forward.  You will report to the CTO and work with a small team.  You will be responsible for translating business requirements into code with the assistance of senior team members.  Give input on architectural decisions and design choices.  Work independently to deliver code with minimal management, knowing when to ask for help and when to push ahead to resolve it.

Technical Skill Requirements

  • At least 5 years experience in Front-end Development with experience of Object Oriented JavaScript and modern JavaScript libraries.
  • We use AngularJS and any angular experience will be beneficial.
  • Understanding of API Patterns (RESTful/Hypermedia), the main algorithms and engineering design patterns (OOP, MVC, MVW, DDD, OOD/OOA).
  • Thorough understanding of the GIT workflow processes, Git Management, ability to handle GitLab, GitHub and work with branches. 
  • A good understanding of Linux server management and server management in AWS will be a significant advantage.
  • Practical experience of AWS services including EC2, S3, Route53 and CloudFront would be beneficial
  • Overall understanding of the LAMP stack, Docker, Vagrant and related technology is beneficial.
  • A Solid understanding of HTML5, CSS3, CSS preprocessors (especially SASS Framework), Responsive Design, Cross-browser issues, browser compatibility issues and  Bootstrap frameworks is required.
  • Experience with HTML5 APIs such as Canvas, Media, Storage, Service Workers etc. WebGL is an advantage.
  • A solid understanding of the full stack, including back end component and API development in Python is a major advantage.
  • Experience working with Jira and Kanban is an advantage.

Daily Duties

  • Participation in the daily standup meeting
  • Work together with the team and to produce front-end components.
  • Close cooperation with the back-end development team to implement front-end components.
  • You will work on tasks ranging from critical hotfixes to epics spanning weeks of development.
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