We are seeking a highly skilled, people-centric Technical Lead. The ideal candidate has a solid grounding in technology and a primary focus on people and process development. As the Technical Lead you will be tasked with developing and executing a strategy to meet the company’s goals and objectives, while improving the quality of the service we deliver internally and externally. You will be responsible for the quality and technical approach taken by team members, ensuring it is in-line with, and supports, the company strategy. You will ensure that projects are delivered on time, while creating and maintaining a professional culture within the team, where individuals take ownership and are fastidious and proud of delivering excellence and quality. 


About us: 

Click2Sure has developed a full stack digital insurance platform. We’re changing the way that insurance is distributed and administered both in South Africa and internationally. Our highly innovative technology platform integrates into point of sale systems of retailers or into a range of other businesses so that customers can be offered insurance at a point of need. Our model promotes access to financial services for many customers as well as introduces new revenue streams for our partners. All the while, users are offered a superior and highly convenient customer experience. In each case we can either develop a unique set of insurance products to be sold or we plug into a third party’s product if more appropriate. The platform also has a range of administrative functions and automated claims and other processes.


What you will do:

Team leadership, strategy & planning 

  • Lead and manage a team of developers, working closely with senior team members to build the connection between technical excellence and effective ways of working
  • Technical recruitment, motivating and performance managing the team 
  • Ensuring the personal development needs of each team member is identified and forms part of a dynamic plan to grow and mature the technical and interpersonal skills of the team 
  • Build and foster a culture of learning within the technical team 
  • Drive the strategic outcome of our products & services taking into account, and balancing, emergent and legacy technologies 
  • Ensuring a sound strategy is in place for both product and bespoke code base platform definition and implementation 
  • Devise and execute a tactical plan which can be collaboratively carried out by the team – to implement improvements to our products, services, processes and knowledge sharing within the team 
  • Facilitate the smooth delivery of all projects, enhancements and support requests 
  • Facilitate technology and way of working decisions throughout team, working closely with senior team members to ensure standardisation of system architecture, reusable code base development, versions of software tools, best practice, source control and deployment processes 


Software development 

  • Demonstrable coding ability: role is 60% programming and 40% management
  • Ensure the skills within the team are kept up to date with the latest software development technologies, methodologies and practices 
  • Ensure consistent standards and approaches towards technological advancement, security, documentation, coding and testing 
  • Build a culture of consistent and deliberate improvement to ensure reusability, efficiency and growing high standards of delivery within the team 
  • Ensure high standards of quality and stability are consistently maintained 


Communication and problem solving 

  • To use your experience to ensure all code is consistently reviewed and audited 
  • To assist in critical support issues where your experience is required to determine an appropriate resolution or triage action 
  • To ensure appropriate escalation and triage processes are in place and maintained to manage and and expedite the resolution of critical support issues 
  • To facilitate pro-active discussions with client delivery and account management teams, to build and grow a collaborative end-to-end delivery system 
  • To facilitate regular discussions regarding internal process and system improvements in order to ensure maximum efficiency across the company, ensuring possible technical solutions to problems are discussed and prioritised where necessary 
  • To facilitate and build cross team initiatives bringing products and services closer together 


What we are looking for: 

  • Experience of software design and development 
  • Extensive hands-on experience with software delivery, agile ways of working and project management 
  • Outstanding communication, interpersonal and leadership skills 
  • Project management experience
  • Excellent organisational and time-management skills 
  • Effective negotiation and vendor management skills 
  • Proactive problem solver 
  • Proven experience leading teams
  • Ability to mentor team members and build environments of knowledge sharing
  • Extensive experience in cloud infrastructure, preferable AWS 
  • Experience in a similar industry is a plus
  • Scrum Master qualified is a plus


  • 3-5 years managing development and support teams 
  • At least 5 years programming experience
  • 3-5 years of agile delivery experience 
  • Exposure to our tech stack, and a senior Python Programmer, with at least 2 years of Django experience, and Rest Framework and Angular (if not Django, then 2 years Ruby on Rails)
  • Problem solver, highly adaptive, people focused. Needs to hit the ground running 
  • Well presented, can be the face of the tech side of our business 


Start date: ASAP

To recruit: send your resume to recruitment@click2sure.co.za