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The Future of Insurance

Click2Sure has developed a range of API’s which enable cross-selling of product insurances directly at the point of sale. Our API’s integrate into the checkout process of e-commerce, traditional retail stores and service provides via direct mailers, web / mobile interface and bundled policies attached to high-value items and services. In each case, we enable a seamless one-click experience for customers.

The Click2Sure Promise

Click2Sure only brokers insurance cover which meets the following requirements

The Right Price

A single premium payment means you don’t have to worry about monthly costs.

No-Fuss Contract

Signing up is simple and fast, and our easy-to-understand contracts put your mind at ease.

Full Immediate Cover

In 3 easy steps your valuable items are covered for damage, loss and warranty extensions.

Hassle-Free Claims

Submit your claim online and we’ll get the process started of replacing your favourite items.

Click2Sure product offering

Click2Sure as a digital insurance broker can provide a range of specialised policies across a range of categories.

How It Works

Step 1: Choose the Item

Browse our range of insurable products and select the one you want covered.

Step 2: Enter Some Details

Complete a quick form with the information needed about yourself and the items to be insured.

Step 3: Get Your Cover

Submit your application along with your secure payment and you’re done; your goods are insured.